Plantronics CS60 headset

In March 2011 I bought a used Plantronics CS60 headset and I have no regrets.

Connecting Plantronics CS60 base unit to my IC-756PRO3 is very easy and you may find a description hereafter.

Connection cable to/from Plantronics device is a 4-wire flat cable fitted with a RJ10 (4P4C) plug.
The outer 2 wires are connected from CS60 microphone output and the 2 inner wires are connected to the headphone input.

The opposite end of the flat cable is connected to transceiver microphone connector.
In Icom's 8-poled microphone connector the 2 wires #1 and #2 in the flat cable are soldered to pin ben 7 (gnd.), #3 to pin 8 (center pin and AF-output) and finally #4 to pin 1 (microphone input).
It does not matter which side of the flat cable, you start with, since output and input on the base unit is transformer coupled, you just follow the natural order of the flat cable.

With reference to following manual, I install switches etc. as follows:

Link to Plantronics CS60 User Manual

Base Unit:
1. Tx Slide Switch (A-D) position B
2. Rx Slide Switch (1-4) position 1
5. IntelliStand Switch (I-II) position I
6. Configuration Dial (1-4)       position 1

You can buy a new #65358-01 battery at eBay for US $1.00 + freight US $3.85 !

Good luck

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